Easy App Icon Maker

Create thousand combo using 12 colorful icons and play with additional texture, pattern and effects. Easy App icon maker is really easy to create and iOS and Android compatible icons.

If you required Guidelines to create, you will have PDF tutorials as well to create an App icons.

There are also icons based App Icon, if you have only glyph and want 3D look, you may use our additional icons. We do also have include image based app icons so it would be easier who want to create image based icons.

This is complete package and it is worth to buy and of course it save lot money.

Here’s what you’re getting:

* Thousand of combos using 12 colours.
* iPhone, iPad, Android App icon Generator
* Editable Icons Shape/Layer
* Created at high res scale for Retina Display
* Made entirely of vectors and layer styles for scaling up
* Perfect Pixel Icons and PSD file
* Clean, organized, color-coded, well-named groups and layers

Compatibility: This template was made using Adobe Photoshop CS6. It should open just fine on earlier CS versions.

Regular License